Sunday, 10 September 2017

Flynn - speech

Have you ever had problems with things not working?
Some days things don't go as planned.

Like mall doors not working. You're on your way to buy the latest thing (which of course is a fidget spinner), striding up thinking what colour you're going to get. You are super excited, you really want to buy the biggest thing on trend at the moment. You walk up to the automatic doors so keen but you find yourself stuck in front of the doors, marching on the spot, trying to move your entire body to get the doors to open. You look like a muppet and there are people are staring at you. You’re hoping no-one has seen you but of course, this is the day where you see most of the people you know!  And you just want to hide!

Or what about the revolving doors.  You know, the ones that you walk into and they just go round and round.  And you can’t figure out how to get out of them and you’re really dizzy by the time you do!

Vending machines are the worst things to work and this one time I had so much money to spend.  I put my money in, pressed the button and waited holding my breath ...but nothing happened. I did it again, same result, I gave the vending machine a little tap, still nothing.   I looked around and there it was … an “out of order” sign!  I said goodbye to that hard earned pocket money and walked away defeated. Maybe next time I'll have a good look round to see if there is a out of order sign first.

So it's the weekend right, and finally mum says that I can go on my device.  You're so excited, you can't wait, all the jobs are done and  dusted for another week. I raced to my room, I got my ipad out and tried to turn it on … and nothing happens.  0%.  It’s as flat as a pancake because you forgot to turn the switch on when you charged it.  No!!!!  And so I struggled to mum and said “Mum my device is flat”.
She goes “Ok great, I’ve got some more chores for you to do!”  No!!!

So the life lesson is, if you think that it's going to be one of those days GO BACK TO BED!!!!!!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

The dangerous tree

                                     The dangerous tree
Now and then, on a nice summers day, at morning tea and lunch, me and my exhausted friends would come to the tree by the railway bridge (AKA the closer tree - well that's what we call it). We all go down to the the closer tree, prancing and dancing down the footpath eagerly, to get that special spot that we all love.
“Dibs getting that special spot.”
“No I want it!”
“No I want it!”
“No I want it!”
This would go on forever until someone would sneak past looking very suspicious, like they might be trying to get the special spot. Everyone would be looking very questionable at one another, and we would make a dash for it.
“I got the special spot.”
 “He got the spot!”
Three or four of my friends would try to push him off. Then someone would say “Look, look it's Mr Anderson. Stop, he's coming our direction.” The shadow would get bigger and bigger as he got closer and closer.
Well, I'll won't be doing that again.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journal 7

Science journal 7: paper helicopter
This week we made a paper helicopter. I think that if you dropped it from a high height it would last longer because it would have a lot of lift before the weight comes in play. I knew nothing about paper helicopters, but now I know a lot about paper helicopters. I wonder what will happen if you put a paperclip on it? I think that with the paperclip it would go faster downwards because there's more weight to help it to go downwards. I also wonder if you put nothing on the paper helicopter, I think that it wouldn't spin in the air because there’s no weight to pull the paper helicopter down.
My gathering data is extended abstract because do it really good and I can help others if there stuck. I'm really happy about because every week I try to move up one on the rubric.
My inferencing is relational because I can inference thing that I haven't seen before.  

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Science journal 6

Science journal 6: paper parachute
This week we made a paper parachute. I think that if you drop it from a low height it won't work because the weight is too heavy and it doesn't have enough time to float. I know some things about paper parachutes. I knew that you need a little bit of weight so that it can come down.
I wonder what would happen if you didn't have the bottle top on. I think it would come down eventually. I also wonder if I used plain paper whether it would go better because it is lighter than card paper.

My gathering data is relational because I can get data and they are connected.

My inferencing is multistructural because I can inference things but I'm not sure if they're right or not.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Science entry 5

Week 5: Flight
This week we learnt about the different forces like thrust, weight, lift and drag. Thrust is the forward force. Weight is the downwards force that holds something down. Lift is the upward force to pull something up. Drag is a force that acts against thrust. We also learnt about what flies and what glides.

I wonder if flying is the same than gliding? I wonder if you got rid of thrust and drag, will it go up or down or something like that. My data gathering is multistructural  because I can get data, but not sure if it connects. My inferencing is multistructural because I say why it does that but I'm not sure if it's right.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Camp 2017

Camp writing
“Morning, morning. Let's have enthusiastic day,” came from the other side of the room. Everyone was waking up. We’ve got archery in a few hours. All of a sudden we're in our lines ready to go to archery. Here comes our instructor Ollie. He's says “Tff we go to archery”. The mud squelches as we go past this scary church and the forest. Finally we arrive at archery. Then Ollie says “cachou” to get us to listen. “Now who wants to go first.” three people put hands up… then another three…then another three.

Then it was my turn.  I come up to the red zone. Shivering I get the bow and put the arrow through the slot, getting ready to aim and fire boom!!! There it goes spinning, twirling — yes!!! It hit the bullseye. I'm so proud of myself. I wonder if I could get three in a row. The thing now is that we have to go back through the squelching mud again. At least our next activity doesn't involve mud… hopefully?

A few hours later were in our lines ready to go to high ropes. Ollie the instructor came over to our line and was wearing a harness around his waist. “Yes,” I said quietly to myself. “He's coming with us.”

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

When I was cheeky

                   When I was cheeky
It was 5:00.a.m, everywhere around me was pitch black. My arms and legs were shivering as I tiptoed into the bedroom, feeling my soft carpet floor under my feet. I was thinking “Am I going to be grounded (because I woke my mum and dad up)?” I could only just see the bed. The only noise I could hear was a creaking noise from the bedroom. “What's that?” I murmured quietly to myself.  Oh no. “Zzzzzzz” That was lucky -it was just dad snoring his chops off (like usual.)
I quietly tiptoed back downstairs. I go past my sisters room on the way down. BOOM CRACK CRASH! What's that? I took a deep breath - it’s just my sister fidgeting around. I tiptoed back downstairs thinking everything was alright but as usual I was wrong. The bed started creaking. I saw a shadow in the distance, I was wondering if I've got myself into a lot of trouble. I take a long pause then the shadow got closer and closer and closer. The footsteps were horrendous, it was almost like a horror movie. 1…. 2…. 3, I covered my eyes and went to hide and wait. Phew, it’s  just dad going to the toilet. Well that’s a sigh of relief. I tiptoed downstairs to watch some tv. At least I will never do that again. Hopefully.

                            MY SELF REFLECTION
I am learning how to use Punctuation & brightsparks. My writing is relational at punctuation & multistructural at brightsparks.  My nexts step are to help others and use more punctuation & brightsparks.


Flynn - speech

Have you ever had problems with things not working? Some days things don't go as planned. Like mall doors not working. You're on ...