Sunday, 2 April 2017

Responsible citizen

Are you a responsible citizen?
A responsible citizen has an important role to play in making our community safe and clean. One of the qualities of being a responsible citizen is that they follow rules and laws. If this quality was missing people would get hurt, the world would be a dangerous place to live, people would lose money and people would be bullies.
Someone that I’ve noticed doing these things is Ethan because he does the right things and follows all the rules and laws.

Another important quality of being a responsible citizen is contributing. If this quality was missing people would be lonely. People wouldn't have any friends, so this quality is important because the community would be safer and cleaner. Someone I noticed doing these is Thomas because he picks up lots of rubbish and looks after the environment.

In conclusion the community would be safer, because just a little bit of help to the community will keep us safe because it will keep the dogs safe from the rubbish. So step up and be a responsible citizen.

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