Thursday, 15 June 2017

Camp 2017

Camp writing
“Morning, morning. Let's have enthusiastic day,” came from the other side of the room. Everyone was waking up. We’ve got archery in a few hours. All of a sudden we're in our lines ready to go to archery. Here comes our instructor Ollie. He's says “Tff we go to archery”. The mud squelches as we go past this scary church and the forest. Finally we arrive at archery. Then Ollie says “cachou” to get us to listen. “Now who wants to go first.” three people put hands up… then another three…then another three.

Then it was my turn.  I come up to the red zone. Shivering I get the bow and put the arrow through the slot, getting ready to aim and fire boom!!! There it goes spinning, twirling — yes!!! It hit the bullseye. I'm so proud of myself. I wonder if I could get three in a row. The thing now is that we have to go back through the squelching mud again. At least our next activity doesn't involve mud… hopefully?

A few hours later were in our lines ready to go to high ropes. Ollie the instructor came over to our line and was wearing a harness around his waist. “Yes,” I said quietly to myself. “He's coming with us.”

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