Wednesday, 14 June 2017

When I was cheeky

                   When I was cheeky
It was 5:00.a.m, everywhere around me was pitch black. My arms and legs were shivering as I tiptoed into the bedroom, feeling my soft carpet floor under my feet. I was thinking “Am I going to be grounded (because I woke my mum and dad up)?” I could only just see the bed. The only noise I could hear was a creaking noise from the bedroom. “What's that?” I murmured quietly to myself.  Oh no. “Zzzzzzz” That was lucky -it was just dad snoring his chops off (like usual.)
I quietly tiptoed back downstairs. I go past my sisters room on the way down. BOOM CRACK CRASH! What's that? I took a deep breath - it’s just my sister fidgeting around. I tiptoed back downstairs thinking everything was alright but as usual I was wrong. The bed started creaking. I saw a shadow in the distance, I was wondering if I've got myself into a lot of trouble. I take a long pause then the shadow got closer and closer and closer. The footsteps were horrendous, it was almost like a horror movie. 1…. 2…. 3, I covered my eyes and went to hide and wait. Phew, it’s  just dad going to the toilet. Well that’s a sigh of relief. I tiptoed downstairs to watch some tv. At least I will never do that again. Hopefully.

                            MY SELF REFLECTION
I am learning how to use Punctuation & brightsparks. My writing is relational at punctuation & multistructural at brightsparks.  My nexts step are to help others and use more punctuation & brightsparks.



  1. Hi Flynn
    I liked how you used the sentence that said the footsteps were horrendous
    It really dose make it like a horror movie

  2. That made me laugh my head off.

  3. Wow Flynny that sounds so real and a little bit scary too.Your Dad sounds so funny. It almost sounds like a normal night at your place.


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