Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journal 7

Science journal 7: paper helicopter
This week we made a paper helicopter. I think that if you dropped it from a high height it would last longer because it would have a lot of lift before the weight comes in play. I knew nothing about paper helicopters, but now I know a lot about paper helicopters. I wonder what will happen if you put a paperclip on it? I think that with the paperclip it would go faster downwards because there's more weight to help it to go downwards. I also wonder if you put nothing on the paper helicopter, I think that it wouldn't spin in the air because there’s no weight to pull the paper helicopter down.
My gathering data is extended abstract because do it really good and I can help others if there stuck. I'm really happy about because every week I try to move up one on the rubric.
My inferencing is relational because I can inference thing that I haven't seen before.  

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