Thursday, 6 July 2017

The dangerous tree

                                     The dangerous tree
Now and then, on a nice summers day, at morning tea and lunch, me and my exhausted friends would come to the tree by the railway bridge (AKA the closer tree - well that's what we call it). We all go down to the the closer tree, prancing and dancing down the footpath eagerly, to get that special spot that we all love.
“Dibs getting that special spot.”
“No I want it!”
“No I want it!”
“No I want it!”
This would go on forever until someone would sneak past looking very suspicious, like they might be trying to get the special spot. Everyone would be looking very questionable at one another, and we would make a dash for it.
“I got the special spot.”
 “He got the spot!”
Three or four of my friends would try to push him off. Then someone would say “Look, look it's Mr Anderson. Stop, he's coming our direction.” The shadow would get bigger and bigger as he got closer and closer.
Well, I'll won't be doing that again.

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